Carbon Pricing is Just One Piece of the Puzzle: Towards a Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy - Part 5 (of 5)

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Green Consumers' Irrational Exuberance

What is it with pollsters and green consumers? Why do nearly all of the surveys seem so gushingly optimistic, even during pessimistic times? That's a question that's been nagging me the past few weeks.

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The Death of American Socialism

by: John Winsor

I was surprised the other day when a good friend said that America is the largest socialist country in the world. He qualified his comment by saying that instead of socialism residing in the government, socialism in America resides in big corporations.

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Obama and the Vision Thing

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Bailouts Can Get Innovative. Banks, Autos...What's Next? How about Adult Entertainment?

by: Idris Mootee

2009 will be a year of free money for industries. As banks, cities and the auto industry apply to the federal government for a bailout, expect to see more industries joining the queue for government bailouts. We see public schools are trying to get some of this government money.

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Lockout the Auto Marketers

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

As the domestic U.S. automakers present their plans for winning a $34 billion aid package to Congress, the lawmakers should be aware of an ugly fact:

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Habits of US Web Users by Age

by: Dick Stroud

I missed this data on active Internet users in the US when it was published by Nielsen Online in July 2008.

Notice the way the 65+ spend more time a month online than any age group below 35-49.

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Obama's Victory, McCain's Neuro-Loss

by: Roger Dooley

There’s little doubt that some macro political factors were decisive in driving Barack Obama’s presidential victory over John McCain. Notably, just as the divisive Iraq war seemed to have turned the corner and started to work to McCain’s advantage instead of Obama’s, the economic crisis gave Obama a whole new issue to blame on the Bush administration and, by inference, on McCain.

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What UK Politicians Can Learn About Online Communities

by: Matt Rhodes

There was an interesting piece in the FT this weekend, discussing how the UK’s political parties could learn from their US counterparts. It is party conference season in the UK at the moment - members of each of the main political parties will be meeting at various seaside resorts around the country to discuss policy and process.

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Building the Renewable Electron Economy - Economic and Policy Drivers for a New Clean Energy Infrastructure: Summary for Policymakers Part 3

by: Michael Hoexter

In the first two parts of this summary series for policy makers, we have established that electric driven transport can fairly rapidly substitute for petroleum in most ground transport applications and that renewable electric generators will be the most quickly deployable and functional of the available energy alternatives.

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