Baby Boomer UK Does Not Equal BB US

This blog posting echoes something I have been saying for as long as I can remember – these days, as a result of cognitive decline, that is not long.

The concept of Baby Boomers may have meaning in the US but it doesn’t in the UK.

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Rethinking Memorial Day. Let's Not Forget What It Means and the True Costs.

Today is a special day in America, particularly now and it is not another holiday. Over lunch I was watching TV, these military moms talked about their fallen loved ones. My heart aches so much when I hear each of them telling how old their sons were when they lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are 19 to 22 year old young men (and women) that never had the opportunity to experience life.

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Earth Day and the Polling of America, 2010: Me First, Planet Later

It's April. The flowers are bursting with color, trees are coming back to life, people are smiling, walking a bit more jauntily; hope abounds. It can mean only one thing: Baseball season has begun.

That, and the latest crop of pre-Earth Day surveys has invaded my in-box.

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Mum, Partner, the Kids and Gramps

Put another way – the multi-generational family household (in the US) is back in fashion.

More like is back because of necessity.

Pew Research Centre’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data comes to the conclusions that social trends appear to be reversing. The key findings:

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Northern Exposure, Scandinavian Style

How does one explain U.S. environmental and climate policies and related corporate practices to audiences in the progressive countries of Norway and Denmark?


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Growing Older in America

Growing Older in America by the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) is a serious bit of research. It contains 108 pages packed with research about all aspects of ageing in the US. It covers health, retirement, finance… all of the subjects you would expect.


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Are You too Young to Remember 'Normal'?

I am getting a bit of a reputation for being a doomster. I am not. I hope I am just being realistic about what is happening with the economy – for that read the US and UK. These countries may have very different health systems, if you believe the babble in the media, but unfortunately they share many of the same economic problems.

This comment from Wal-Mart’s CEO (Mike Duke) makes for scary reading.

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Get out of Marketing before 2021

by: Dick Stroud

If you believe Nielsen’s analysis, and I do, the combination of the ageing population, slowing birth rate and increasing ethnic diversity will change the face and buying patterns of consumers in the US.

2020 is a long way away and a lot can happen, between now and then, but these three developments are already occurring.

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50-plus Business Ventures - Lessons from the US

Each year a competition takes place, at Santa Clara University, called the Boomer Summit where start-up businesses pitch for a prize for the best business concept aimed at the Boomer market.

So where do our friends in the US see the future of Boomer ventures. These are the concepts of the five finalists:

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'The U.S. Is a Failure at Innovation' according to Bruce Nussbaum of B-Week. What Are They Talking about Here?

by: Idris Mootee

Bruce Nussbaum’s (B-week) wrote a post with the title “The U.S. Is A Failure At Innovation.” That caught my attention. What was he talking about? Despite what's going on today, I believe US is still the most innovative country in the world and there are plenty of examples and reasons.

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