Brand Romney

On the day of the first Presidential debate, I thought it might be helpful to look at the Presidential contest through a brand lens.

To be sure, the thought of linking politicians and brand strategy isn’t original. I’ve previously written about brand platforms being like political ones and Harvard prof Jill Lepore recently wrote a piece in the NYT about Mitt Romney using an “underdog brand biography.”

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Climate Change Turns Personal: Why Brands Must Adapt

Until recently, climate change remained an abstract concept to most Americans — something that may have long-term consequences for the planet, but moving too slowly be a significant concern in their daily lives.

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Is This Finally the Occupation of America?

Has the Occupy Wall Street movement, which started as a leaderless group of several hundred protestors in lower Manhattan rallying against the failed policies of the federal government and corporate greed, finally started to gain momentum and transform itself into a broader national movement?

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Europe and the US Are Ageing – Wait until You See What Happens in India and China

I thought this was an interesting development - 5 cities in India holding 3 day retirement events - Retirement India Expo 2011.

“This is India’s first attempt to galvanise businesses in ageing,” said Sheilu Sreenivasan, founder president, Dignity Foundation, a 16-year-old NGO specialising in productive ageing opportunities.

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How Will America Handle Its Senior Moment?

As tens of millions of members of the Baby Boomer generation rapidly near retirement age, America is in need of innovative new solutions that will help it prepare for an unprecedented aging of its population. One answer to America's looming demographic crisis might be a new global movement from the World Health Organization (WHO) to transform cities around the world into "age-friendly" urban zones that better integrate senior citizens into the economic life of the community.
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My recent essay in Advertising Age prompted quite a response, most of which was petulant and angry. I could have made my case more convincingly, but even with that said the comments revealed a shocking ignorance of recent history, and a willingness to replace reason with bluster.

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Earth Day and the Polling of America 2011

It’s become a rite of spring: a bumper crop of data, surveys, polls, and analyses about the green market space. Each year, as Earth Day comes into view, a picture emerges about U.S. consumer attitudes toward green business and green shopping. It’s a murky picture at best.

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All Consuming Baby Boomers Are the Country's Biggest Polluters

So claims an article in today’s Sunday Times (you are only going to be able to read this if you have a subscription).

The chart below and the claim are taken from a 120 page report “Demographic change and the environment”.

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Everything You Could Want to Know about Older American

In one free, government funded report, all you could want to know about the health of older Americans.

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The State of the States on Clean Energy

As America enters the next chapter of its political history, with a newly minted Congress and a hobbled presidency, national leadership on climate and energy issues continues to remain a pipe dream. One side wants to accelerate business as usual: more oil drilling, “clean” coal and nuclear plants, letting “the market” determine which technologies win or lose.

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