Checking-In on the Internet's Urban Density Problem

If you think about any of the most popular Internet start-ups that have appeared on the public radar within the past year, they all share one unique characteristic: they are more fun and engaging, the more people who use them within a specific geographic area.

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by: Sebastian Campion

Although traffic jams are probably here to stay, there seem to be very little art or design that address the problem in a creative way (in my work with Fiat some years ago, I worked with the highway as a playground and opportunity to generate social wireless interactions but it was purely speculative and did not materialize).

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Urban Spam


I was reading through the blogosphere tonight and came across a piece on Greg Verdano's blog about Urban Spam and that led me to several other postings, all linked here. The quoted section below is from PSFK, which has some good thoughts on the whole concept of urban spam. The second video lists the prices for a variety of OOH ad buys in NYC too.

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