UK Internet Statistics

Guest Post by: Charlie Osmond

I am a sucker for uplifting videos about UK internet statistics. Particularly if accompanied by a happy jingle and sprinkled with start-up success stories. It’s warming for us little-islanders to occasionally  feel important “we’re on the map!” And here’s a video that delivers just that.

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Landmark Report about the Impact of Age and Education on the Distribution of Wealth

“What does the distribution of wealth tell us about future retirement resources?”

This report was produced by the IFS for the DWP. It is a well researched document and provides a valuable insight into the ownership of wealth in the UK. It is a long report, 90 pages, stuffed full of data.

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Martha Lane Fox Plan to Get All Britons Online

The UK’s digital champion (Martha Lane Fox) has announced plans to get everybody of working age in Britain online by the end of the current Parliament.

There are currently 10 million Britons who are not using the Internet and a lot of these people are 65+.

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Baby Boomer UK Does Not Equal BB US

This blog posting echoes something I have been saying for as long as I can remember – these days, as a result of cognitive decline, that is not long.

The concept of Baby Boomers may have meaning in the US but it doesn’t in the UK.

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Everything You Could Want to Know about the UK’s 50-plus

The “Regional trends in ageing in the UK” report from the ONS (free) is an absolute ‘must have’ report that dices and slices the stats about the UK’s over-50s by the regions in the UK where they live. You can also download the accompanying spreadsheet so you can conduct your own analysis. A big thanks to the Office of National Statistics.

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Data on Household Expenditure Tells a Lot of Stories

I am never to sure about the accuracy of these stats, but they are the best (in terms of quality and breadth) that you are going to get in the UK. You will find it tucked away amongst a sea of other stats in this report from the Office of National Statistics.

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Best Handheld Device of 2009

Thanks to AltNyttErFarlig for this, the best handheld of 2009.

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What You Think about Age Depends on How Old You Are

Buried away in this 164 page report, just published by the Department for Wages and Pensions about the attitudes of Brits to age are some fascinating and a somewhat disturbing findings.

The research in this report is based on secondary analysis of data from five national surveys (with a total of 6000 respondents).

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Life’s Going To Be Interesting in the UK Care Market

Housing 21 is a not-for-profit social housing landlord that has acquired the quoted homecare provider Claimar Care. You might wonder why this is interesting.

Reason one – you don’t often/ever get a non-profit organisation acquiring, via a takeover, a listed company. Reason two – it illustrates the potential of the care market for radical consolidation.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the UK’s Digitally Excluded

I have already written about the campaign that is sort of going on to get more people in the UK online.

Anyway, this week a report was published that quantified the economic benefit of getting everybody in the UK surfing and twittering. A tidy little sum of £22 Billion. My first thought was: “I wonder what the benefit would be of getting everybody in the UK able to read?” Don’t let’s start thinking about that subject….

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