Who are the UK’s 2012 Customer Experience Leaders and What Can We Learn From Them?

Why have I been making such a big fuss of leadership, management and employee engagement?  Some of you – especially those of you that focus on strategy, process or technology – might have noticed that I have increasingly made a big thing of leadership, management, employee engagement and organisational effectiveness.  Why?

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A 'Must Read' if London Is One of Your Markets

I have already said a few words about the latest census data.

Thanks to Richard Webber I have just been reading a more detailed analysis of what has been happening in London - 2011 Census first results: London boroughs’ populations by age and sex.

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Majority of Britons Now Use Facebook or Twitter (statistics)

The latest data from the Office of National Statistics n the UK shows that, for the first time ever, over half of adults accessed social networking sites in 2011. The annual British Internet Habits survey showed that in 2011, 57% of over-16s in the UK are using the internet for social networking, as opposed to 43% in 2010. This is a significant landmark, and the rate of growth is impressive and it shows the importance of social networking in the lives of British adults.

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What about the Unknown Unknowns?

The much vilified ex-Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld will probably be best remembered for his comment to journalists about known and unknowns.



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My 'Final' Words about the Care Industry in the UK

I have been wittering on about the UK Care Industry for far too much of the time. Today, there is a major report published in the UK about the future funding of the industry.

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28 Million UK Internet Users Are Casual Gamers (and Other Social Gaming Stats)

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Not sure about the value of social gaming for your brand or business? Check out these interesting stats and facts…

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Saga Quarterly Report - Download It

I have to admit that I am normally a bit rude about Saga – probably unfairly.

The organization has just published the first of a quarterly report that looks at the wellbeing of the over-50s.

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Case Study:

Guest Post by: Ed Thompson

Yesterday I went to a Social Media Week event hosted by the Central Office of Information (COI) that focused on is a programme that was initiated under Gordon Brown’s tenure of Labour leadership and now continues on in a slightly slimmed down version under the coalition government.

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We need a TripAdvisor for UK Care Homes

My first blog posting for ages and it is a personal gripe. Sorry.

Last week the BBC broadcast a radio programme (File on 4) about the chaotic mess that masquerades as the ‘official’ monitor of the standards in UK Care Homes. This podcast is only available if you are in the UK or if you know how to fool the system by using a proxy server.

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Royal Holidays in April Generate Enthusiasm on Twitter

Guest Post by: Monica Esposito

What’s better than a royal wedding to lift up the spirits of the nation? A royal wedding with an extra holiday bonus, of course.

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