Tweeting at the Speed of Scale

Originally posted on the Collaboratory
From a holistic perspective, we talk about the need for organizations to become more socially calibrated—able to adapt and respond to changes both externally and internally. The three areas where emergent outcomes can manifest are, participation with your customers, collaboration between your employees and optimization in the interactions/transactions between your business and its partners. Digging into customer participation, it’s clear that in a networked economy customers demand engagement, information, support and ultimately, value and ecosystems such as Twitter are beginning to deliver here.

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Three Reasons Twitter Lists Are Great (and Two Areas for Improvement)

It would seem that this week Twitter has been releasing Lists to everybody. A lot has been written about this move and the differences it makes to Twitter and the way people will use it. For me, it makes a significant difference to the way users will use Twitter. It allows you to segment the people who are interested in on Twitter and group people who write about similar things or that you know for similar reasons or from similar places.

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Some Thoughts on Twitter vs. Facebook Status Updates

The functional act of constructing a tweet or a status update is very similar. Produce text in roughly 140 characters or less inside a single line text box and click a button. Voila! Even the stream based ways in which the text gets consumed look awfully similar. Yet, the more I talk with people engaged in practices around Twitter and Facebook, the more I'm convinced these two things are not actually the same practice. Why? Audience.

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Twitter vs the British Press (the Cases of Carter Ruck and Jan Moir)

Two things this week have shown the weakness of the traditional media outlets in the face of online communities of people. On Monday a judge issued an embargo on the Guardian newspaper to stop it reporting a question that was asked in the House of Commons. Within 18 hours not only had this embargo been lifted, but the question itself had possibly become the most reprinted and widest spread question ever raised in the British Parliament.

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Twitter to Business Users: You Are Now on Double Secret Probation

As far as business use I have always seen and used Twitter as an information gathering tool with an allowance for just a smidge of promotion. I am deeply appreciative of the valuable links and insight posted by those I follow and try to return the same in kind. I've also endured plenty of Twitter spam, as a whole probably no worse than the amount of email spam I get. I do appreciate Twitter's desire to reduce spam.

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Dannii, Danyl and Instant X-Factor Feedback

Guest Post by: Charlie Osmond

Dannii Minogue, an X-Factor judge, lost her mind for a minute. Twitter and the social web went wild. Could the speed of this feedback help Simon Cowell and his team define the appropriate response?

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Flyar: Serious Games To Visualize Tweeter

Flyar is a free Twitter Visualization application, which lets people interact with tweets in a physical environment. You can set it as your screensaver or just play around with it.

It uses your webcam to create an augmented video image, enabling you to visualize incoming tweets (from your account or a general feed) in a twitteresque setting that you can interact with.

Serious Gaming with your tweets

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Facebook Becomes More like Twitter with @ Mentions

People often describe Twitter as “Facebook reduced only to the status update”. I always found this a poor description, as there was always a significant difference between my Twitter updates and Facebook statuses. With Facebook I can only tell people about me; with Twitter, I can include other people and other topics in the conversation. This is what @ replies do on Twitter – they let me include other people in my updates and associate it with them as much as it is associated with me.

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What Features Should Twitter Add Next? Twitter Music? Twitter Chat or Twitter Sex?

They need to figure a way to make money. What’s their business model? Is their one? Probably not, there isn’t one. But think about a suite of features and services that can be built around Twitter. Use a little creativity I can come up with a few good ideas. How about special interest Twitter? How about voice-enable Twitter?

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All that Twitters Is Not Gold

The talk about how the majority of the traffic on Twitter is pretty much junk is nothing new. Back in March 2009 Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the crowd at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference that Twitter is a "poor man's e-mail system." David Letterman called it "a waste of time" (although he apparently only found out about it on his July 21, 2009 show, so let's give him some time).

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