A Comprehensive Report about the UK Communications Market

The 2009 Ofcom Communications Market Report is published, all 332 pages of it.

Want to know anything about the TV, Radio and telecommunications markets in the UK then look no further. And it’s is free. Well it is not free, the UK taxpayer pays Ofcom a fortune for producing the thing but it gives the impression of being free.

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Desperate Search for New Ad Models

by: Gary Hayes

Update article: Networks in crises - from the Australian about the tsunami about to hit Oz shores, a region entrenched in the old advertising model…

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Drop in TV viewers

by: Dick Stroud

The big six TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW and My Network TV) in the US are still bleeding viewers. This might be a result of the writer’s strike or a sign of a more fundamental shift in media habits.

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