Customer Advocacy and Customer Intimacy: Aren't they the same?

by: Chris Lawer

Recently, I was posed the following question through the OMC Group website (shortly to be relaunched with a new design) by a strategic marketer in a large European financial services company:

Dear Chris,

Can you tell me if there are any differences between customer advocacy and customer intimacy? If so, can you explain them.

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People Don't Trust Businesses Like They Used To

by: Lynette Webb

 Click image to enlarge.

Image from Flickr CC thanks to mdelacruz

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by: Karl Long is a T-Shirt company and it has some of the coolest, most beautiful, original T-Shirts I’ve ever seen.

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Maslow and Branding

by: Jennifer Rice

Remember back in your Psych 101 class when you learned about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Bet you never expected to see it again in the business world, but... ta da! Here it is.

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