8 Important Consumertrends for 2008

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Top 5 Consumer Trends to Watch for 2007

by: Design Translator

Something that has always been a career hazard for a designer is being out in front, absorbing information, and then synthesizing to predict what the next big consumer trends are. 

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By: David Polinchock

I like the way that has updated their TRANSUMER definition to include the whole concept of experience.

With experiences starting to trump goods, many fixed items run the risk of becoming synonymous with boredom, with hassle, with quickly-out-of-date, with maintenance, with taking up too large a part of budgets, if not lives. Which brings us to a new definition of TRANSUMERS:

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'Customer-Made' is Lead User on Speed

by: Chris Lawer

I read Trendwatching’s beautifully presented summary of the Co-Creation trend, which they call Customer-Made.  It’s terrific that Rainier and his team are putting co-creation right at the top as their most important business and innovation trend. I’m bound to agree with that.

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