8 Important Consumer Trends to Look out for in 2008

by: Design Translator

Early this year I wrote about the Top 5 consumer trends to watch for 2007 and how it relates to Industrial Design. Following tradition, here we go again for 2008, and this time it is a little earlier and hopefully will help all of us be a better prepared in our never ending push to identify, synthesize and create a product that could become the next big thing.


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Avenue A Razorfish 2008 Digital Outlook Report

by: Guy Kawasaki 

Avenue A Razorfish released the 2008 Digital Outlook Report yesterday. The purpose of the report is to help Avenue A's clients understand consumer behavior in the digital space.

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Marketing 2.0 and Five Key Trends

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World Trend Map 2008

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Predictions for 2008 ... Eight business technology trends to watch

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Service Design and Advertising

Is There a Green Business Bubble?

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Three Trends Driving Big Games - Social Un-tethered Games With Computers In Them

by: Karl Long

Over the last couple of months i’ve started to become convinced that the concept of games is going to evolve over the next decade blending more and more the real world and virtual.

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What is the trend in innovation?

by: Dominic Basulto

Many would claim that "innovation" remains the hottest buzzword in business today.

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Thoughts on Current Trends

By: Ilya Vedrashko

I thought I'd bounce around a few thoughts. It's basically about taking a few key trends and looking at them at a different angle. Don't know what's going to come out of it, but the comments are open (although moderated to kill spam, so no instant gratification).

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