The Flack & The Guru

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

American Airlines' announcement last week that it would charge $15 for a checked bag was met by disdain and contempt in the communications industry.

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Radical Transparency and the Right to Information

by: Iqbal Mohammed

When WIRED recently announced that transparency is a judo move, they obviously didn't mean what PSFK discovered at the Captial One offices recently.

That gaffe, however, set me thinking.

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by: Sigurd Rinde

According to Business Week, here, Toyota approached at least three major magazine companies to explore product integration - product placement as it goes.

As expected it made a few scratch their heads - "We'll sell our mothers, but this doesn't work" as one magazine executive puts it.

I tend to agree with the skeptics.

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Interesting Alternative Views of Word-of-mouth Marketing

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BMW Mockumentary: Walking the Line, or Much Ado About Nothing?

by: Josh Hawkins

Has BMW gone too far with a recent viral market stunt to promote the BMW 1 Series?

Despite a chilly response from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMA), the campaign has succeeded on several fronts: positive coverage in the auto biz trade press, blogosphere chatter, viral distribution among a younger demographic.

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Two Neuromarketing Challenges

by: Roger Dooley

Slate science writer Daniel Engber finds the concept of neuromarketing dubious, and in particular has a problem with FKF Applied Research. FKF has been particularly successful in getting highly visible press coverage of its interpretations of fMRI brain scans.

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Pharma Discovers Social Media

by: Mark Rogers

A good report in Rareplay observes that pharmaceutical companies are using social media in marketing and communications. The piece cites Wyeth’s Knowmenopause resource for women seeking information about the menopause and GSK’s appointment of a social media manager.

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The 7 Basic Rules of Social Network Design for Marketers

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A Few 2008 Predictions (Not Exhaustive) and Happy New Year to You All!

by: Idris Mootee

I guess this is the time to make some predictions. This is by no means
exhaustive and some are more important than others. Here they are but
not particular order of importance other than just some random thoughts
at this time of the year in front of my fireplace. If you have some
good ones to add, pls send them this way.

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Toyota Manages Suppliers for the Long Run

by: John Caddell


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