Why Marketers Should Care about Transmedia. 3 Questions with Andrea Phillips

In 1999, I attempted to launch a content production venture called Transmedia Productions. Its vision was to develop and market narratives, which would span various media (yes even internet!). It also aimed to somehow engage audiences in “co”-telling the story.

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Storytelling and TV Advertising (No Story, No Glory)

When I was cleaning out my hard-drive earlier this week, I came across this presentation I did last April at the VTM Day (where I had the honour of sharing the stage with my hero Luc Besson :-)

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It's Looking Up if You're Looking Down

Far too many people are walking around with their heads immersed in their tiny mobile devices, or communicating affectionately with their tiny smart phones while out in public with perfectly acceptable human companions. The only problem, of course, is that humans are not evolutionarily equipped to act like this – and that inevitably leads to awkward scenes like people running into things on a city street or couples awkwardly texting with other people while having dinner "together."

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Transmedia Story Telling - The Next Brand Building Super Engine?

by: Idris Mootee

Every individual in this world shares one commonality which is we all have stories to tell. Some have very interesting ones and some are sad. It is like we all have a photo albums or a 60 minutes documentary that talks about our life. The older we get, the more repetitive these stories become. The true role of story and storytelling is much greater, older, and elemental than Hollywood.

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Key Is to Produce Something that Pulls People Together and Gives Them Something to Do

by: Lynette Webb

There's a great discussion happening online about "transmedia planning", which some are mooting as a replacement for the 'media-neutral planning' concept.

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