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Targeting Influencers With Virals 'Doesn't Work'

by: Mark Rogers

Duncan Watts is a Yahoo researcher who has done detailed work looking at the best strategy to launch a viral campaign - the kind of campaign which is aimed at getting the consumer to pass the idea along. Watts compares campaigns which targeted viral communications via “influentials” in the social network with campaigns which simply seeded the viral in the maximum number of places in the network. Watts found that the latter was a more effective way of launching a campaign.

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Influence Ripples, Tipping Points + Toast

by: David Armano

Consider this:

I got the latest Fast Company nearly a week ago.  I browsed the cover and noticed the "Un-Tipping Point" headline on the cover.  I then packed the magazine in my bag planning to read it on the train.

I never did.

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Have We Reached a Green Business Tipping Point?

by: Joel Makower

Where are we, exactly, in the trajectory of green business? Things seem to have changed decidedly in the past six to twelve months, as more and more companies do more and more things. But what should we make of it?

I've done close to 100 media interviews since New Year's, a wide assortment of publications, websites, broadcasts, and podcasts. And two questions keep popping up from reporters: Is there a green business bubble? And have we achieved a tipping point?

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Memo to Malcolm Gladwell: Is Payless Shoes the new Hush Puppies?

by: Dominic Basulto

One of the most interesting examples in Malcolm Gladwell's landmark book The Tipping Point was the case of shoe retailer Hush Puppies, which experienced a hipster revival in the mid-1990s, thanks to the efforts of the "cool kids" in Manhattan.

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