Get Rid of the Calendar, and the Watch too

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

Those are leftovers from the industrial age and the biggest impediment to an effective society.

Before I hear the protest I can just as well agree that sometimes it's needed; like when I'm to meet somebody for a spot of lunch, or when an airplane or train operating company wants to ferry me and 120 other people at the same time, in the same contraption from A to B. Then exact time, and location, is useful.

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An Unstoppable Force

Time is an unstoppable force. And with it the mechanics and dynamics of cultures, societies and technology form a self-repeating pattern where new stuff gets created, used and thrown away.

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A Once-Every-Four-Year Opportunity

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

We've got an extra day on our hands, everyone. Happy leap day!

I know it's really a bit of calendar legerdemain, just like the "extra hour" that Daylight Savings Time takes and then gives back every year. But leap day gets its own date that doesn't otherwise appear on the calendar. Relatively speaking, I'll grow older a day slower this year than I would have had I not received a bonus 24 hours. So I'll choose to look at it as a gift, thank you very much.

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TIME Offers Some Fanfic Search Stats

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