In Marketing? Then Set Aside 60 Mins of Your Life and Watch This Video

Google you are brilliant.

Take the advertising people that created four iconic American ads, fuse them with a bunch of hot shot digital marketers and create new customer engagement processes using the best of today's technology.

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Why We Need to Change the Software in Our Organizations

Years ago, there was a popular cartoon with a caption that said, “To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer.” Technology back then was very tightly engineered to do specific, rote operations and if you went outside that box, you were asking for trouble.

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Now 3D Printers Will Become More Affordable. Can You Think of Something You Want To Print at Home?

There has been a lot of hype on 3D printers at last year CES and now this year I saw tons of competitors offering low-end models as well as high-end professional desktops. XYZprinting Inc. from Taiwan, a new entrant revealed their da Vinci 3D printer with a starting price of just $499, which costs as much as a color laser printer did a few years back. It is a simple plug-and-play design for small business and personal use.

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We Still Send Christmas Cards. Why New Tech Doesn’t Always Kill Old

When I posted my Christmas cards, it turned out I wasn't alone. In an era of text messages, Tweets, emails and short videos, research for the Royal Mail found that 78% of UK adults would be sending Christmas cards via the post, and each person would send an average of 17 cards. 

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The Collaborative Economy Is Real (And It's Here)

It's not easy to determine which trends and movements are worth paying attention to. We live in an age where technology seems to move at pace that's impossible to keep up with. I spend a lot of my time dealing with global brands who are looking to scale and integrate social as part of their core marketing—and in some cases business strategies, and I can tell you first hand that these organizations have their work cut out for them as we are now in the trenches of operationalizing the disruptions caused by digital's latest iteration.

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How Disruption Happens

Hundreds of consumers standing in line at your local Apple store. Thousands of protesters rushing to flood the streets of Cairo, Istanbul—or Manhattan. Millions of people choosing to watch a hit TV show streamed on Netflix.

Everywhere we turn our world is being disrupted. From the mightiest dictators to the biggest companies, no one is safe anymore. While revolutionary ideas and movements are nothing new, they have become more frequent, intense and far reaching.

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How Technology Is Transforming Our Brains

A while back, Bill Keller of The New York Times stirred up a hornet’s nest when he wrote a column worrying that joining Facebook would have a debilitating effect on his 13 year-old daughter’s intellectual faculties. Technology advocates, including me, pounced.

Now there are new studies out that seem to support his argument. One shows that using search engines decreases our memory and another suggests that GPS may atrophy our brains. Discovery magazine has collected a half-dozen similar examples on its site.

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Plato: Know Thy Selfie

The selfie has emerged as one of the defining modes of self-expression of the smartphone era. Sometimes, it seems like half of all photos uploaded to Facebook or Instagram each day are selfies. While it’s easy to view these “selfies” as just another example of how technology is turning young members of the Millennial generation into narcissistic, self-absorbed individuals unable to maintain any intimacy in their relationships, maybe there’s another explanation for the popularity of the selfie.

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Companies Take Note: Don't Remove Human Touch, Please!

Human touch trumps technology!
On the heels of my post a couple weeks ago about humans vs. technology in delivering a great customer experience, I thought I'd share some human touch articles of late. Several were shared with me as a result of that post, but I found a few others along the way.

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The Retailification of Online Publishing

Less than a week for Doomsday1, and two things continue to surprise me.

First, the number of Google Reader2 devotees (including me) who are yet to find a replacement. With other dead products walking, finding a replacement is top priority. With GR, bedside vigil and mourning have taken precedence3.

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