The Acceleration of the Technology Incubator Fund

In the last week, I have read about three really interesting technology incubator funds. These funds are set-up to specifically identify, test, review, and propose ways that brands can be using technology in the future. The most obvious ones that I have read are BMW, Google Africa, and MIT SENSEable City Labs.

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Is Silicon Valley Ready for the Post-Silicon Era?

Is it ever possible that Silicon Valley could become another Detroit? To those who associate Silicon Valley with innovative startups, an endless supply of capital and the world's most brilliant thinkers, this scenario might seems preposterous at best, and downright un-American at worst.

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It's Much Harder To Understand Complicated Information When You're Reading through a Peephole

As usual, the newsletter has some fascinating commentary.

This one is about the problems of accessing the web via a mobile device – tell me about it.

I quote.

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The Factories of Tomorrow

The conventional wisdom is that American manufacturing jobs, once lost to low-wage locales around the globe, will never again return to the U.S. What that fails to take into account is a revolution in manufacturing that is being brought about by new 3D printing technologies that make it possible to "print" items, such as jewelry or furniture or consumer goods, on demand.
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With the Emerging of the New "Object-Culture" - Meanings Are Sought through Social Identities, Visual Information and Interfaces / Interactions

There are objects that I love for many different reasons. They range from my Leicas to my JBL speakers, LV bags, Prada shoes and Mac computers. Objects that are highly functional can also be highly personal … expressive, reliable and artistic.


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Wireless Power Lightens Up Cereal Boxes

"eCoupled intelligent wireless power is so flexible it can actually be printed directly onto packaging. A low-cost enhancement to product packaging, printed coils allow real-time communication from the package to the store shelf, and then to the store’s inventory management system.

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The Real "Internet of Things"

Every time I encounter the term "The Internet of Things", I feel a tinge of disappointment which arises from knowing what it means but concurrently hoping it meant something else. Something that is inherently implied in its name, at least to the uninitiated.

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No Ghost in the Machine: The Case for a Social Renaissance, Part 1

(I'm sharing this essay in celebration of the official launch this week of my new book, Histories of Social Media. It debuted at SocialMediaToday and the second half is available there exclusively today).


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The Smartest Guys in the Room

A leading ad agency creative type jumped ship last week to join the Google Creative Lab, following in the footsteps of others who’ve joined the 50-person unit to accomplish nothing less than winning the Nobel Peace Prize, according to one of its leaders.

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Things That Should Have Happened By 2011

When I started to look at predictions for a living back in 2006, I remember how 2011 was this big banner year against which most forecasts were made. I guess partly it was because 2011 was at the end of a five-year horizon, and partly because it was conveniently removed into the next decade. Whatever the reason, I've been patiently waiting for this year to arrive to check back on some of the more feisty predictions made in the outset of the 2.0 boom. And now this time has come.

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