Mini-Survey on Advertising in Games

by: Alain Thys

Alex Eperjessy on our own (slowly decloaking and still finding it's feet) business & games blog has conducted an online mini-focus group/survey on where a few of his friends/gamers think advertising could and definitely couldn't work in their favourite virtual environments.

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by: Dick Stroud, a women’s network and career website, surveyed 500+ businesswomen across three generations about their shopping habits, both online and off.

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Yet Another Segmentation Model

by: Dick Stroud 

Focalyst, a joint venture between AARP Services and Kantar, the research arm of WPP, has published its findings about the 125 million Americans, aged 42-plus segment.

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UK Survey of Digital Music and Discovery

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Digital Living Index

by: Lynette Webb

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