Tips for Designing a Closed-Loop Feedback Process

Do you close the loop with customers after they provide feedback?
Many companies listen to customers, but a big chunk of these companies don't do anything with the feedback or follow up with customers about what they heard. What a shame! What a huge missed opportunity!
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Customer Service Research – One More Time!

Yes, it’s that time of the year.

The (now) fourth version of this wonderful research on Customer Service Usage and Adoption report is coming back!

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Why Do Consumers Open Bank Accounts?

More goodies from the EY 2014 Global Consumer Banking Survey….

EY asked consumers who had opened and closed bank accounts in the prior 12 months what their reasons for doing so were. Here’s what EY found:

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2013: Where Were We At With CRM, Customer Experience and Customer-Centricity?

What can we learn from Havas Media's 2013 Meaningful Brands survey?

For me, the highlights from the survey report are:

  • Just 20% of brands worldwide are seen to meaningfully positively impact people’s lives;

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Affluent investors increasingly use social media to inform investment decisions

New research shows that 70% of affluent US investors have made an investment decision based on information they have learned from social media; 34% use social media specifically to help inform their personal finance and investment decisions. Even for High Net Worth individuals with more than $1m in investable assets, 25% seek investment advice from social media.

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IBM Survey: 68% of Global CMOs ‘Underprepared’ To Manage Social Media

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

According to IBM‘s new, inaugural Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Study, 68% of CMOs are underprepared to manage the impact of key changes in the marketing arena that relate to social media.

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How the Global Fortune 100 Are Using Social Media: Some Statistics

A useful survey from global PR firm Burson-Marsteller this week looks at the ways in which the Global Fortune 100 companies are using social media. The tools they are using and how they are developing a social media strategy. The survey looked at 100 firms in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and examined how these firms are using social media.

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The Economist Survey on Ageing

I reckon The Economist is fantastic value for money.

Each week, in one publication, you get a distilled summary and interpretation of the important things that are happening in the world – all for the princely sum of £100/year.

OK, advert over.

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UK Marketers Admit Falling behind Social Media Trends

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Earth Day, Green Marketing, and the Polling of America, 2009

Here we go again. In the run-up to yet another Earth Day, here is my third annual take on the bounty of polling data on consumer environmental attitudes that seems to hit my in-box this time each year. (See here for the 2007 and 2008 installments.) This year is no different. I've counted more than a dozen different surveys, market segmentations, and opinion polls since Barack Obama became president. By my estimation, that's a record.

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