Which Design Student Are You?

Chuck Dillion, a lecturer at The Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, has sketched a cartoon of the different Design students he has encountered in his 10 year teaching career. Great Stuff! Here are my favorites:

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'Facebook and Academic Performance: Reconciling a Media Sensation with Data'

by: danah boyd

In mid-April, journalists heard about a student poster at the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting called "A Description of Facebook Use and Academic Performance Among Undergraduate and Graduate Students." The poster suggested that Facebook use might be related to lower academic achievement in college and graduate school.

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Social Vs. Networking

by: David Armano

A funny thing happened on the way back from my guest lecture at Parson's Design At The Edge class. While the students (approximately 80 of them) were busy Facebooking their lives away—they could not fathom the idea of leading a public life or using social networks like Facebook for anything but pure social activity.

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Greening Campuses, but Not Classrooms

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Interpersonal Media Use and Relational Quality

by: Nancy Baym

It took way too long, but an article I wrote with several colleagues has just been published in the new issue of New Media & Society. This is a followup to the piece I published there in 2004 with Zhang and Lin (who are co-authors on this new one, along with Andrew Ledbetter and Adrianne Kunkel).

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