Study: Some People Watch Less TV

Say Media (formely VideoEgg and Six Apart) is releasing today a potentially interesting "Off The Grid" study (see it in my Google Docs) about people who are consuming less live and more streaming and on-demand TV. The study breaks these people down into two groups:


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Relating to Fans Video Stream

by: Nancy Baym

Here is a streaming video of the talk I gave at MidemNet about how to understand and relate to music fans online. Enjoy!


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Streaming versus Downloading: What Are They Good for?

by: David Jennings

I have a theory that the way we get to know music is a bit like the way we get to know potential mates. After the initial attraction, there's a flirting, getting-to-know-you stage; and then there's a going steady stage. One difference is that, with music, polygamy is fine, and it's OK to be going steady and promiscuous at the same time!

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