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Advertising: Innovate or Die. Vol. 1

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Ten Questions with Seth Godin

by: Guy Kawasaki

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The Ten Truths of Branded Storytelling

In our million channel world, it is the brands whose customers tell the best stories, that win.  Yet how often do we give them "real stories" to tell?  How many of the things we communicate make their conversations more interesting?  As I just got invited to the Ogilvy Brussels’ Summer Camp on Storytelling (aka. the best BBQ in town),  I thought this would be a good excuse to give it a shot.

So, … Once upon a time there where Ten Truths of Branded Storytelling …

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Free Report: Bloggers as the New Storytellers

by: Alain Thys

If you want an update on who is blogging in the United States and on what, this free report from Pew is an interesting read.  Apparently 39% of net users (about 57 million American adults) read blogs while about 8% of net users (about 12 million American adults) keep one.  The most blogged about topic is "my life and experiences".

Continue Reading - The Social Video Sandbox - What NBC Should Be Doing With YouTube

by: Karl Long is is like youtube in the way that flickr is like photobucket. It may not ever compete on volume, but will surely compete on quality, revenue and recruiting Social Media Talent.

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