How to Build the 100-Year Company

The 100-year company is the rarest of all organizations in Corporate America – a company that has somehow managed to survive the ebbs and flows of multiple business cycles, the appearance of radically disruptive technologies and the changing tastes of entirely different generations.

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Steelcase Second Life Chair Design Competition

by: Design Translator

Wow, this competition totally went under my radar. I would not have caught wind of this if I did not get my usual dose of virtual goodness at rebang. In fact it was his 10th post in his RSS feed and probably would have fallen off into internet oblivion if I had visited his site some other time.

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SteelCase Talks Design Virtually

by: C. Sven Johnson

About a week ago I was lucky enough to get myself logged into Second
Life to attend a question & answer session with representatives
from Steelcase, the office
furniture manufacturer. Unfortunately there won’t be an audio posted
online, so I thought I’d post a couple of things I wrote down at the
conclusion of the meeting and share them here; mostly for the benefit
of any Industrial Designers that might surf through. But don’t quote

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