Status Update Anxiety and Facebook Timeline

Keeping up with the Joneses just got harder, with Facebook finally flipping the switch on its new Timeline Apps that make it easier to share every fleeting moment of your fabulous life with each and every one of your friends. The gossip and invidious comparison that goes on between Facebook friends each day is about to intensify, thanks to 60 new Facebook Timeline apps that give 800 million people around the world an easier way to share their Facebook status with others.

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From Obsolete Commodity to Status Symbol

Old fashioned wood and graphite pencils were once how we all wrote, but hit their popularity peak decades ago. They are high maintenance – as soon as you start using a sharpened pencil, its point begins to dull and the thickness of the line starts to change. Too sharp a point, and it will break or poke through the writing surface. Too dull, and it’s sloppy-looking.

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What Attributes Do You Value about Tweets or Status Updates?

I’m in the process of designing a survey to get an understanding of what people value about certain behaviors on twitter and would love to get some ideas about questions to ask. I have some particular pet peaves and pet preferences that prompted me to think about this question but I’d love to get some input to broaden the conceptual frame I’m working from here.

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Markers of Status: Different, and Yet the Same

by: danah boyd

(I was asked to respond to some of Clay Shirky's posts on Talking Points Memo Cafe. I figured that this would be a good excuse to blog since I've been a bad bad bad bad blogger lately. What follows is my first blog response.)

Original Post on TPMCafe: markers of status: different, and yet the same

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