Invent New Sports

There’s been little to no snow this winter, which has been a gift to those of us who commute in America’s northernly cities but an absolute existential disaster for ski resorts. You just can’t make enough snow (or keep making it fast enough) to come anywhere close to providing the sort of skiing experiences that most skiers expect. I can slide down ice in my driveway with no pricey lift ticket required.

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Is Love Enough?

ESPN is launching today a new branding ad campaign intended "to demonstrate our love of sports," according to one of its execs quoted in The New York Times.

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The Evolution of Advertising in Sports Video Games

This is a rerun of a series of blog posts I did back in April 2006 while researching things for my grad thesis (bonus: an unpublished chapter on history). It documents the evolution of advertising in sports video games published by Electronic Arts between 1983 and 2006. Since many AdLab readers probably haven't seen it, and the stuff is pretty fascinating, I thought I'd repost it. The original raw research notes follow. Some links may since have expired.
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Study: Why Golfers Choke

The game of golf is more mental than most sports. Incredible size, strength, and speed aren’t required, although obviously considerable athletic skill is needed to succeed. What’s also necessary is the ability to control fine, precise movements when putting. Some golfers seem unaffected by pressure, and calmly sink putts even when a tournament title is on the line.

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Football Superstars, iPhone Ocarina, NBC WebTV and Lost in SL

by: Gary Hayes

Another selection of my items cross-posted from another of my original blogs, lamp watercooler.

The Ulitmate Mashup Launches - Sport, MMOG & Social Virtual World - 16 Oct 08

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Like Anybody Cares?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Much has been written about the merits of a dark arts branding practice called ambush marketing, and it all depends on a belief that anybody cares in the first place.

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The Biggest Online Fans are Sports Fans

by: Nancy Baym

The European Interactive Advertising Association recently released a study showing that sports fans are twice as likely to use the internet while watching TV than are ‘average’ internet users. As the report on this posted at Netimperative explains:

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Age-generic or age-specialist

by: Dick Stroud

A sports mag for older people (GeezerJock) and its decision to launch a new title, just for the older cyclists (Master Cyclists), may not sound to be of much importance, but I think it is.
This is what this new mag is all about.

We'll provide the in-depth coverage of all the essential Masters cycling races in every discipline -- from road racing to mountain biking to cyclo-cross.

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Innovation in Football

by: Sebastian Campion

The 2006 edition of the Play Award design contest is devoted to football (or 'soccer' as it is called in the US).

The 2006 edition of the Play Award design contest is devoted to football (or 'soccer' as it is called in the US).

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