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Report from IRI Times & Trends Report “Aging America: Carving Out Growth in Mature Markets"

This report contains some great headline figures that should frighten the living daylights out of anybody in the CPG industry who has not got a strategy for engaging the ageing consumer.

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When Are Consumers Most Receptive?

If the workers who built the Pyramids were paid wages, undoubtedly nearby vendors knew when to exert maximum effort: payday. A person with a fresh supply of money is far more likely to spend liberally than one who’s nearly tapped out. Beyond the obvious fact that only people who have money can spend it, it turns out there is a more subtle and complex change in our spending related to when we are paid.

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Two Excellent Blog Postings about Boomers and Food

The Creating Results blog is always worth a read.

If you are interested in the food industry then have a read of blog1 and blog2.

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Fight Impulse, Imagine the Future

Many of the decisions we make are guided by some kind of reward. Do I go through the McDonalds drive-thru window and get a burger and fries that will light my brain up like a Christmas tree, or do I delay eating until my planned meal-time and consume something healthy?

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Data on Household Expenditure Tells a Lot of Stories

I am never to sure about the accuracy of these stats, but they are the best (in terms of quality and breadth) that you are going to get in the UK. You will find it tucked away amongst a sea of other stats in this report from the Office of National Statistics.

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