Avoiding Death by Powerpoint, the Neuro Way

Conference-goers know that at any given meeting, they will be subjected to a range of presentations – some interesting, others, well, not so interesting. Conference organizers don’t like to offer a podium to inept or boring presenters, of course – bad performances will drive away the paying customers. The approach conference organizers usually employ is to poll the audience about each presentation, asking about the content, the quality of the presentation, and so on. This is done after the fact, but at least low-scoring presenters can be crossed off the list for the next conference. Of course, this constant polling (often by paper questionnaires) is tedious and annoying for the conference attendees.

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Singing for Sales

Every experienced sales manager has a trick or two when it comes to hiring the best candidate for an open sales position. After a candidate passes the initial resume screening process, one manager might check out the applicant’s shoes. Another might pay close attention to how well the individual responds to an unexpected question. Here’s a new one: does the candidate talk in a melodic way?

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AdLab Riddle: Who's the Speaker?

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Below are the four nomination acceptance speeches made by the ticket candidates at DNC and RNC over the past two weeks: Biden, Obama, Palin, and McCain. I ran these speeches through Wordle. Can you match the wordled speeches with the right speaker? Leave your guesses in comments and click letters for the answer.


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IMMN Webinar

by: Dick Stroud

IMMN is a group of consultants and agencies that focus on the 50-plus market.  I was asked to speak at the organisation’s first Webinar together with Todd Harff (US) and Gill Walker (Australia). Despite
some technical glitches – like the hotel where I was staying having a
broadband blackout and Gill not being able to control her presentation

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