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SaaS predictions for 2008 and beyond

by: Christian Smagg

With only a few days left before 2008 hits us, I thought it was the
perfect timing to dive into what Saugatuck Technology just reported as
being their SaaS predictions. Their recent research alert highlights five key trends in SaaS for 2008 and beyond.

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IT Risk - Platform and Architecture Matter

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8 Ways The Internet Changed Software Marketing

by: Jon Miller

A key theme of this B-to-B marketing blog is that the internet has completely transformed best-practices in technology marketing. In the past seven years, perhaps no company has done more to establish the new best practices than By unshackling themselves from the constraints of traditional B2B marketing and sales models, has emerged as the dominant player in their market.

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Focus, Focus, Focus

by: Jennifer Rice

Great post from Darcy Burner at Microsoft on marketing software.

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