The Come Back of Hardware. And Software Is Becoming a Commodity

The world is suddenly obsessed with smart technologies and this time around it seems unstoppable. Our everyday electrical and mechanical industrial object will now be occupied and ran by software and connected to the cloud. It also means each object (as small as some smoke detectors and as large as automobiles) will now be equipped with tons of sensors and can adapt to different environment and individual needs.

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Strategic Software vs Non-strategic Software

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

I can just as well be upfront about it and invite ridicule at once: There is no business / enterprise software that is first and foremost built to enable strategies, and thus could be termed "strategic".

Let's look at some characteristics that could help to discern the difference between non-strategic business software and potentially strategic business software:

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Google Chrome: That's the Way Ad Cookie Crumbles

by: Ilya Vedrashko

This must be the cheesiest headline of all 2,200+ headlines in AdLab's almost four-year history.

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Environmentalism and Software

by: Sigurd Rinde

Drive a hybrid. Buy carbon-dioxide offset points when flying. Use the bike. Things you and I can do.

Renewable energy. R&D funding. Taxes on fuel. Tax rebates. Stuff our governments can do.

All good, all important.

Then I read Robert's post about the trend of VCs leaving the computer world and embracing environmentalism - investing in energy saving technologies and the like.

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Software Design and Asking Questions

by: Sigurd Rinde

We ask questions when we want to make the world better.

Like when we want to use less resources, become better, earn more money - or when we want to help a customer to do any or all of the above and thus be able to deliver a product or service.

The software designer asks the questions of the customer and creates a product to deliver an answer.


We ask "how" too often:

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Thingamy Manifesto

by: Sigurd Rinde

In these day of New Year Resolutions, Five Things You Do Not Know About Me and Hugh’s rapidly increasing list of Manifests I crumbled under pressure (thanks Hugh!).

Actually, manifesto? Well, more like a summary of reasons why we’re doing the thingamy:

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WOM Lessons of Windows on Intel Mac

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Integration Strategies for Better SaaS Adoption

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iPhone SDK: Potential For Serious Games Large Scale Distribution

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SaaS predictions for 2008 and beyond

by: Christian Smagg

With only a few days left before 2008 hits us, I thought it was the
perfect timing to dive into what Saugatuck Technology just reported as
being their SaaS predictions. Their recent research alert highlights five key trends in SaaS for 2008 and beyond.

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