Would the Real Social Network Please Stand up?

This ideas in this post are based on conversations with Bernie Hogan and should be interpreted as the production of our co-thinking.

All too frequently, someone makes a comment about how a large number of Facebook Friends must mean a high degree of social capital. Or how we can determine who is closest to who by measuring their email messages. Or that the Dunbar number can explain the average number of Facebook friends.

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The Micro-Sociology of Networks

by: David Armano

Next week I am giving a guest lecture at the Parsons School of Design, specifically an innovation course being taught by BusinessWeek's Bruce Nussbaum. I've been fortunate to establish a relationship with Bruce over the years—ironically all initiated and somewhat sustained by social networks.

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'Elsewhere, U.S.A.' by Dalton Conley = FABULOUS

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Fashion Psychology

by: Roger Dooley

Our tastes in fashion, and indeed, our ideas in general, are almost never the result of a solo creative effort. Rather, they are influenced by collective behavior of which we may or may not be consciously aware. Robert L. Goldstone and a team of researchers at Indiana University have been modeling collective behavior in a laboratory setting to determine how idea propagate in different social arrangements.

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