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Welcome to Neil Perkin

While everyone is probably happy that the volcanic ashes have subsided, at Futurelab we want to keep throwing new ideas in the air. That is why today we are once again proud to announce a new contributor to our blog.

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Media Disruption Continues as Attackers Fail and Defenders Wonder What's Coming Next?

I am just counting how many industries today are getting near their industry breakpoints, accelerated by the current crisis and changes in consumer attitude towards anything. With macro forces pushing a collision between previously unrelated industries and the smart ones know a reset is necessary. Media is on top of the list.

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Is the Hub and Spoke Model Adaptable?

We've been doing a bit of thinking on how organizations can re-design themselves as social systems which produce emergent outcomes—that is, results which move business forward and tend to emerge in an organic fashion. Twitter's growth due to end user innovation, an open API, and other drivers are an example of this.

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What's the Last Innovation You've Seen Coming from the Insurance Industry?

by: Idris Mootee

 Last week I’ve received this email from one reader of my blog. Here’s his question:

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Innovating Mobile Social Technologies (Damn You Helio)

by: danah boyd

The next step in social technologies is mobile. Duh. Yet, a set of factors have made innovation in this space near impossible.

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