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Green Is Now a Cliche´

by: John Caddell

I agree with Tim Berry--the term "green" has been overused to the point of meaninglessness. Here's the latest example I've seen:

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The Greening of Design, from A to D

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Is Social Innovation Ready For Prime Time? We Need More Business That Better The World.

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The 2008 Shareholder Season

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WITTs, YOYOs, and Why Americans Don't Go Green

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Can Mobile Phones Eradicate Poverty?

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Cultural Sustainability

by: danah boyd

Since Davos, I've been thinking about cultural sustainability. This
isn't a term that I heard there, but one that I wish that I had.

These days, when people in business talk about sustainability, they
mean environmental sustainability. Traditionally, the environment was
an externality that was ignored. More and more, with the conversations
of "carbon neutral," people are starting to think about what it means
to environmentally sustainable. At the same time, a company can be

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Green Corporate Communications: The Unstoppable Urge to Talk the Talk

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The Renewable Electron Economy XIII: Valuing Energy and Energy Services

by: Michael Hoexter

The events of December when the US Congress dropped an extension of the existing tax credits for renewable energy from the 2007 energy bill have highlighted the need for the renewable energy industry to take a different tack in the area of policy support and marketing strategy.

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Serious Games Challenging Teenagers To Save The Planet

by: Eliane Alhadeff

IBM is launching a free multiplayer online game, PowerUp, challenging teenagers to help save the planet "Helios" from ecological disaster.

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