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Facebook Still Dominant in Numbers but Pinterest Gains in Referral Traffic

I’m fortunate enough that the tools of my job happen to be things I personally enjoy.  Instagram has become my main network of choice, I check twitter first and last thing every day (and several times in between) and recently I’ve even (finally) come to appreciate Google+.

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‘Crisis’ Is a Dirty Word – How Femfresh Could Have Handled Their Social Media Backlash

by: Jane Franklin

In the last few days you might have seen the word vagina bandied about a fair bit online, and not just in the murkier corners of the internet.

In the US, Representative Lisa Brown was banned from the House, ostensibly for ‘permissive’ language, after using the word ‘vagina’ in front of the Michigan legislature in a debate about abortion.

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What Facebook Knows

"This is the first time the world has seen this scale and quality of data about human communication" Cameron Marlow, Facebook

Social Networks are of-course giant data gathering machines, and Facebook is the bucket-wheel excavator of data. I wonder if we're even coming close to imagining the potential of how it all might be applied.

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Marketing Lessons from Nigerian Scammers

As marketers, we spend a lot of time crafting our pitches – emails, sales letters, print ads, etc. – to make our products seem as desirable as possible. We strive for convincing copy that doesn’t raise suspicion in the mind of the reader, and seeks to quell any fears or objections. But, are there some situations where turning off some prospects can work to the marketer’s benefit? Microsoft researcher and cybercrime expert Cormac Herley says “yes.”

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Both Facebook Fans and Friends of Fans Spend More Money With Retailers

The other day I posted a piece questioning the value of a like, given that 1.17 trillion are given a year.

Now Comscore and Facebook itself (so hardly a disinterested party) have produced a report looking at what value your Facebook fans have.

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Social Media Shares Indicate a High Google Ranking

When explaining the importance of combining a social media and an SEO strategy, I tend to refer back to a Comscore study that is now three years old:  Consumers exposed to both social media and paid search are 2.8x more likely to search for that brand’s products than those exposed to paid search alone.

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The Inanity of Online Comments

Have you ever commented at the end of an online news story or blog post? I have, and then almost always wondered why I did so. A few of the comments I received on my latest column in Advertising Age this week got me thinking even more about the entire shebang.

My conclusion is that not only is it a waste of time most of the time, but it actually denigrates if not wholly blows up the very idea of conversation.

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Why Business is Different Now

Book Review: The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution by Brian Solis

People toss around the terms “thought leader” and “social media expert” lightly these days, but Brian Solis is one of the few people who actually lives up to those names. In The End of Business as Usual, Solis shows how the widespread use of social media is fundamentally changing the business environment.

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Are You Scared of No?

I know I’m a dim bulb, but I was at a conference last week full of marketers who sang the praises of engagement, conversation, and the other descriptors of endless social activity that are supposed to take the place of overt selling. And then it dawned on me:

They’re all scared of being told “no.”

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Do 1.17 Trillion Likes Devalue It As a Social Currency?

The other week I was questioned about why it matters if someone likes your brand in Facebook.

At the time I replied that there is value in a like.  By liking you in some small way define yourself with the brand in question, and that’s powerful.

In retrospect, I think my reasoning was correct but my overall answer was not.

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