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The Seven Harsh Realities of Social Media for Any Brand

A lot of people are excited about social media and think it could have a hugely positive impact on their brand, their marketing and communications, the insight they get, the way in which they deal with customer service and many other benefits it can bring to an organisation and to the way it interacts with and engages customers. They are right to be excited, the opportunities are great but brands should not hide from the fact that getting an engaging social media presence takes proper thought, some effort and may take time to embed.

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A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action


If there is one event I would have hoped to attend this year, it is the Marketing 2.0 Conference which is taking place in Paris later this month.  Put together by Nils Andres of the Brand Science Institute, it features a lineup of remarkable individuals to talk about the future evolution of marketing as we know it.  Alas, travels take me elsewhere, so I will have to rely on blogs, Twitter and whatever shows up on Slideshare afterwards.

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