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Fashion Brand New Look Wins on Facebook

Guest Post by: Monica Esposito

High street fashion brands New Look and River Island both have a young fresh style that appeals to Facebook savvy fashionistas. We explore why New Look is winning the Facebook race, leaving River Island in the dust.

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Use Social Media to Understand Brand Perception

Guest Post by: Monica (Market Sentinel)

What are your brand’s best and worst qualities? Your customers know best. We show you how to use social media to understand brand perception online.

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European Social Media Strategy: Develop Common Aims Not Common Tactics

At FreshNetworks we work with many clients to develop and implement their European social media strategy – either for US companies who want to translate the work they do in their domestic market for their European brands, or for multinationals who are looking to develop a social media strategy that they can use across their European markets.

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Three Ways to Act on Your Social Media Monitoring

This week we published the final report in our Review of Social Media Monitoring Tools (download the final report here). Reflecting on the report and its findings with clients and others this week, we have found ourselves discussing the importance of not just listening (although this can often be a good first step for those who are not yet doing it) but also acting on what is said about your brand and other terms of interest in social media. As the report shows, the different social media tools are of value for different purposes and choosing the one that is most suited to your brand and your needs is an important step.

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Social Media Monitoring Review 2010 – Download the Final Report

Over the last few months we’ve been conducting an in-depth review of the leading social media monitoring tools in conjunction with our sister company, FreshMinds Research.

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The Problem with Automated Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a complex beast. Even for humans. Consider this statement: “The hotel room is on the ground floor right by the reception”. Is that neutral, or is it positive or negative? Well the answer is probably that it is different things to different people. If you want a high room with a view away from the noise or reception the review is negative. If have mobility issues and need a room with easy access it is positive.

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Problems with Social Media Technologies

In the summer Hyper Happen’s Asi Sharabi wrote an anguished post about dealing with the output from social media dashboards. Luke Brynley-Jones, who is putting together a panel at Monitoring Social Media next month, asked me to talk about it. At the risk of “scooping” my contribution, this is what I wrote:

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