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How Disruption Happens

Hundreds of consumers standing in line at your local Apple store. Thousands of protesters rushing to flood the streets of Cairo, Istanbul—or Manhattan. Millions of people choosing to watch a hit TV show streamed on Netflix.

Everywhere we turn our world is being disrupted. From the mightiest dictators to the biggest companies, no one is safe anymore. While revolutionary ideas and movements are nothing new, they have become more frequent, intense and far reaching.

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Innovation in Africa

In Africa and other developing regions electricity is not always a guarantee so these bicycle mounted phone chargers from are making a big difference. The dynamo isn’t new but this is a new application and it has spawned quite an enterprise.

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The Acceleration of the Technology Incubator Fund

In the last week, I have read about three really interesting technology incubator funds. These funds are set-up to specifically identify, test, review, and propose ways that brands can be using technology in the future. The most obvious ones that I have read are BMW, Google Africa, and MIT SENSEable City Labs.

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Digital Activism: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

Guest Post by:  Eli (Market Sentinel)

Malcolm Gladwell makes a convincing case that high-risk activism depends on real-world relationships, but he ignores the value of social media for changing popular consciousness.

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"Corporate Repsonsibility Is an Illusion?" According to Prof Karnani. What Is He Thinking?

This is an argument that will not go away anytime soon. I have had heated debate in our b-school days way back. The question goes back to the core of the modern corporation. What role does business plays in creating value in societies? Or the question should be more about the ‘how’? Among B-schools there are many different point of views on what is a modern corporation.

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Counting What Really Counts

"Every day, millions of people share how they feel with the people who matter the most in their lives..."

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Random Thoughts: From Aviva Community Fund to Positive Social Change to Women Empowerment

I was so excited that our Aviva Community Program is getting such good response even before the official launch. It is a very important project for both our client and IC because it is something we truly believe in. It is about 1/ Empowering change in our communities while building brand 2/ Prove that social media is not a hype and if you use it right it is the most powerful communication medium 3/ Authenticity is the key ingredient of marketing, this program is about action and not just words. Check out the program here. It is truly where "Marketing Innovation" meets "Social Innovation".

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Teaching, Nursing, and Second Wave Feminism

I am deeply grateful for all that was accomplished by second wave feminism. I love living in a world in which my job opportunities are not constrained because of what's between my legs. That said, I also struggle with the externalities of the accomplishments in the 1970s. This week, I found myself thinking about the role of teaching and nursing in society and the relationship between feminism and those professions.

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Creative Capitalism + Social Innovation = New Social Enterprises that Make Money and Change the World

We need more (and more innovative) social enterprises and I really want to see a top tier MBA programs with specialization in Social Enterprises. Call it B-school needs S-school. There are so many problems out there and sometimes we feel we are almost giving up. Our capitalist system is not adjusting well to these shocks. It is almost pointless for these endless debates on how things got to this point and who is to blame. The point remains: We've got to change it—and change it fast – and change it for the better.

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Design Is Cool. From Co-Creation to Design for Social Change. The Question Remains What Makes Design Strategic?

This is a week of design for me, meeting with two talented design practitioners in Boston who are running a very successful company, talked to the folks running two of the top design schools and interviewed 4 designers respectively from London, Brazil, LA and Toronto. And catching with my design reading on the weekend. UK has been a big believer that design can solve many problems and forget the role of economics in many of these issues.

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