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Social Technologies Are Changing Many Aspects of the Future of Enterprises. We Have Yet to Understand the Full Implications. But It Is Not Happening Fast.

I came across a recent article “Making Social Business Strategy Work” posted on AMA and I forgot who wrote it because I didn’t want to know. The title is bad enough but it managed to attract me to spend three minutes reading the article. The article was written by a ‘consultant’ obviously and advocates that formulating a sound social business strategy requires understanding the key factors driving current market opportunity which includes the following:

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Beyond Branding: Becoming a Social Business

I recently chatted with Micheal Stelzner from Social Media Examiner and after a bit of a chuckle, we got down to business, specifically the business of being a more social organization. What does that mean exactly? Well, it goes beyond social media marketing and there's a good chance your organization will be grappling with some of the issues we discussed in this interview if your goal is to leverage social media for the benefit of your business. More to come in 2011...

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5 Social Business Use Cases for Facebook Groups

Originally published at Harvard Business Review

Facebook Groups have been called "Google Wave for Humans" by some and "spam" by others. They have the potential to benefit your business, brand, and organization in ways that are probably slightly ahead of our time. In the mean time, what does it mean? I've taken a deep dive, and here are a few ideas for how I think Facebook Groups are the latest evolution in the gradual socialization of business.

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The Social Business Manifesto

Way back in 2005, I came across a blog. Not just any blog—it was called "The Social Customer Manifesto". I found it to be so interesting and compelling, that it was one of the first blogs I left a comment on (I had mostly been a passive observer prior to this).

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Deconstructing Your Social Business Plan for 2011

It's 2011 and as you gear up for planning initiatives for the new year, it's the best time ever to take a step back and think about what needs to be done before you take action. But before even doing that, you may want to think about how you've approached initiatives in the past. Here's a simple framework to consider:

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It's Time to Clobber Social Media

Originally posted on the Collaboratory

Jeff Dachis and I recently returned from the Web 2.0 Expo in New York—a near week long flurry of activity that brings together technology, business and design amongst other things. We co-presented a somewhat uniquely titled session called “Social Business Design: It’s Clobberin’ Time”.

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Six Social Media Trends For 2010

Originally posted on The Harvard Business Review blog

In 2009 we saw exponential growth of social media. According to Nielson Online, Twitter alone grew 1,382% year-over-year in February, registering a total of just more than 7 million unique visitors in the US for the month. Meanwhile, Facebook continued to outpace MySpace. So what could social media look like in 2010? In 2010, social media will get even more popular, more mobile, and more exclusive — at least, that's my guess. What are the near-term trends we could see as soon as next year? In no particular order:

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Social Business by Design 2.0

If you found some value in the first iteration of "Social Business by Design" you may want to take a look at this current version. It includes double the content including video footage from the Drupal7 open design initiative. Also, you'll notice the slide design has been updated to reflect the current identity system of Dachis Group. There's also additional thinking around business culture and the dynamics between networks and hierarchies. Hope you find it useful.

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Designing The Social Business

I recently had a chance to sit down (virtually) with Bob Thompson of Customer Think. The result was a 30 minute podcast (listen here). We discussed some of the following topics and more:

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5 Challenges Social Business Will Face

A recent survey conducted by Proofpoint found that 8% of companies had terminated employees due to social media usage (common causes including sharing sensitive information on a network).

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