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Social Business: the Current Situation and Future Predictions (infographic)

Guest Post by: Ruari Grigg

As shown in the infographic below produced by agency Get Satisfaction, there are some astonishing figures about where executives believe social business will take us over the next few years:

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Why Social Media Will Evolve into Social Business

Originally posted on Harvard Business Review.

For a clue to social media's future, we need not look much further than Washington. On the one hand, you have "Weinergate," former NY Senator Anthony Weiner's Twitter fiasco, which was essentially user error. He failed to negotiate the thin line between digital communication and social communication, between private and public.

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Do You Believe in Life after Likes? Measuring Social Business

Colleague Steve Rubel and I were recently invited to participate in a very cool initiative coordinated by Eloqua‘s Joe Chernov and Jess3 – a social media playbook for industry professionals dubbed the “Social Media ProBook.” In it, you’ll find valuable perspectives from a variety of practitioners ranging from Ford’s Scott Monty, to Citi’s Frank Eliason, and HP’s Liz Philips among many others (disclaimer, HP is an Edelman client).

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Social Business: 2 Tips for Winning Senior Management Approval

Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

So far in our social business blog series we’ve provided a definition of  social business and why it’s important in a commercial context. We’ve also looked at existing examples of social business by looking at a few social business case studies, as well as providing some simple, practical advice on how to succeed at social business.

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Human Business Is Social Business

Last week I had the honor of performing the opening Keynote at Community Conference 2011 hosted in Copenhagen Denmark. A delightful, high quality event with attendees coming from all parts of Scandinavia and Europe, it also featured talks from Dell's Bill Johnston and Good Magazine's Max Schorr.


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Learning To Fly: The Four Stages of Social Business

Time to talk about social business planning again. My mother always told me, you have to "walk before you run" and as it turns out, the same is true for organizations looking to move from social media as a set of un-connected, chaotic collection of skunk work initiatives to a coordinated and purposeful initiative that works through the entire organization.

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Moving from Social Media Tactics to Your Social Business Plan

Over a year ago, I put a presentation out in public titled "Social Media Is Dead. Long Live Common Sense". Admittedly, it was a little ahead of it's time. Most companies back then were not ready to think about social media outside of anything that looked like viral marketing at most and at the least, a place to monitor conversations.

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Is Social Business Innovation?

Watch this video, because it's worth watching. But don't confuse social business with innovation. Social Business can lead to innovations—but it's inherently about doing business in a more connected, open, transparent, collaborative, ethical, and ultimately human way.

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Social Business and the Command & Control Excuse

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

A few days ago I had the usual pleasure of reading one of Euan's posts, where there was one paragraph that triggered something in my mind:

"On the same day I get an email from a senior official in a government job saying "I'm beginning to think that the inherently democratic nature of social media tools is the very reason why they are being restricted or marginalised in some organisations.

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Quora Underscores Need For Corporate Ambassadors

Unlike Facebook but very much like Facebook Groups, Quora the social Q&A ecosystem is designed to support individual participants, not companies (for now). In either case, it's increasingly becoming clear that this is a place where people talk about companies and brands. As Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang recommends, this is a domain where a business should "monitor and respond". From Jeremiah's blog:

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