Is Facebook Destroying the American College Experience?

Sitting with a group of graduating high school seniors last summer, the conversation turned to college roommates. Although headed off to different schools, they had a similar experience of learning their roommate assignment and immediately turning to Facebook to investigate that person.

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Social Works for B2B, So Get Over Yourself

It’s never going to stop. There are those that still don’t believe that social media is an effective strategy for B2B marketers and probably never will be convinced. And that’s OK. Those of us who do believe in social will keep pushing the boundaries of modern demand generation best practices while others will just continue to cry out in opposition until the last person listening turns out the light.

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Six Social-Digital Trends for 2013

Originally published in Harvard Business Review.

It's that time of year again — time to take a stab at what's going to matter in the year ahead as technology continues to influence how we work and live. In previous years, I've looked at trends under the "social media" lens because that has been the major disruptive force, creating both opportunities and threats. This year, I'm using the umbrella term "social-digital" to broaden the focus. First, a quick re-cap from last year:

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Brands Will Become Media: Here's How

If your company doesn’t have the below model in place a year from now, you may regret it.

You’ve probably felt it for some time, but now the roadmap is becoming clear—companies must build their own media empires. And if they don’t, they risk missing a window of opportunity that provides myriad benefits, whether it’s telling their own stories or becoming more efficient with the media dollars they spend.

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How Lady Gaga uses social data to personalise gigs

It seems simple when you hear it, but one of the most interesting examples of social media data I have read about recently comes from Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager, at last week’s Wired 2012 event. Using social data from Spotify to help to design the set-list for a gig. Simple, effective and the kind of personalisation that is only available with widespread social sharing.

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From Islands To Ecosystem: Connecting Social, Digital + Mobile

From Web And Desktop To Anytime, Anywhere.

In the early stages of digital, businesses first dipped their toe on the Web by launching brochure like Websites which had to be located initially through a browser "URL" (WWW) followed quickly by search engines which organized the Web. Today, the Web and the digital landscape looks dramatically different compared to the Internet's frontier years. For starters, the Web has become mobile, with 1.2 billion of the world's population accessing the Web through a mobile browser.

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