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What Mature Consumers Want - New Report from AT Kearney

This new report from AT Kearney concludes the most important finding in the study is that old shoppers do not think they are adequately served by marketers, retailers or manufacturers. Most comments focus on the difficulties they face, including the inability to navigate large stores, with too many hard-to-reach products on shelves that are either too low or too high.

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New Shopping Carts Being Implemented at Last … but Not by IDEO

The future of the shopping cart is here, at last. In this interesting story, Yannig Roth provides a follow up to the early developments of new style shopping carts as was described in a famous 1998 IDEO video. As Roth puts it in his post, this is a subject which I had debated a few times already (check for details) but what is interesting is that IDEO’s principles are now being implemented by … companies which have nothing to do with IDEO.

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Trader Joes, Where Less Is More

(Welcome to the second in a two-post series on how retailers manage the choice conundrum. This is written by C. B. Whittemore, Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now, a marketing communications consultancy focused on simplifying customer interactions with social media and content marketing.

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The Fundamentals of Choice

My husband, usually a calm, mild-mannered man, recently experienced something which left him completely frazzled and frustrated – he went to the grocery store.

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Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear into Retailers -

For years I've been talking about how new mobile technologies can turn physical retail into nothing more then giant "windows" for online retailers. I know that I price check using my phone and I know that more & more people will do the same.

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Honda Ranks Highest among Manufacturer Websites in Satisfying New-vehicle Shoppers

Yes,yes…a research conclusion that I totally agree with.

When you consult and write about a subject it is very tempting to extrapolate the universe of the market from your own experiences. The fact that I like something or not, or indeed the fact that the people I know have certain preferences, doesn’t mean that we are any more than a tiny niche in a large group of consumers.

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Create “Choosing” (Not “Shopping”) Experiences

On a recent, gorgeous day in New York City I walked from Bergdorf Goodman at 59th Street & 5th Avenue past Cartier on 52nd street and continued down 5th Avenue for over a mile. Because I was preparing for a speech I was scheduled to deliver to the Global Retail Marketing Association, I was paying particular attention to the stores and the shopping experiences they created — from the posh ambiance of Bergdorf’s with its $4,000 blue blazers to Diesel’s inexplicable ad line: “Smart has the brains, but stupid has the balls.”

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Why Don't More Retailers Have Genius Bars?

I few years back, I made a new year's resolution to lose some weight, something that's way overdue. After years of eating whole cakes or bags of cookies and washing it down with a half gallon of milk, the calories caught up with me. I thought I could keep avoiding them for a couple of more years, but I couldn't hide any longer. So, I went to Dr. Rodriguez, a nutritionist that my wife & mother-in-law have used in the past with great results.

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Keep a Friend Home on Black Friday

I can all but guarantee that someone you know and care about is planning to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. You need to intervene.

Black Friday is a contrived, customer-hostile, bait-and-switch, potentially deadly symptom of what's wrong with bricks and mortar retailing. A handful of grotesquely low prices on a smaller handful of products are advertised as "doorbusters," and we've been subjected to years' worth of propaganda intended to associate the day with shopping deals, however imaginary. 

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Two Presentations on Shopper Marketing

by: Alain Thys

Last week I was in Bucharest to present at the Shopper Marketing Conference which was organized by our great friends at Evensys. For the perusal of the people who participated in this event, or who ever else is interested, I have uploaded PDF’s of the presentations for downloading here (Slideshare versions following shortly).

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