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7 Supermarkets to Visit in 2012

When interviewed for my book So You Want To Be Customer-Centric, Georges-Edouard Dias of L'Oréal pointed out the opportunity to truly improve the customer experience in many traditional supermarkets.  In his view: “Many stores today aren't really user-friendly. You need to drive there and park far away from the entrance. When you get inside, it's hard to find the information you're looking for. There are too many products to get a clear picture, and the staff aren't always much help either. Not to mention that even if you know exactly which product you want to buy, it may not be in stock.”

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Shopper Marketing

Book Review: Shopper Marketing – How to Increase Purchase Decisions at the Point of Sale, Edited by Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila

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Two Presentations on Shopper Marketing

by: Alain Thys

Last week I was in Bucharest to present at the Shopper Marketing Conference which was organized by our great friends at Evensys. For the perusal of the people who participated in this event, or who ever else is interested, I have uploaded PDF’s of the presentations for downloading here (Slideshare versions following shortly).

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