Obsessively Recording and Sharing Our Vacations

At Blogher yesterday, the issue of "addiction" emerged in the keynote. A woman in the audience noted that she twitched for the first day of vacation because she desperately wanted to tweet the things she was seeing and witnessing, like the bald eagle flying by. On stage, the conversation turned so that we talked more generally about being able to take a technology free vacation, but I want to address the tendency to tweet the things we see directly for a moment.

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GreenXchange: Sustainable Innovation Meets the Creative Commons

We live in an era in which green innovation reigns — and, at times, rains, even pours, from companies, universities, and research labs. A wide range of disciplines, from biotech and nanotech to cleantech and infotech, are enabling the design and manufacture of things that are lighter, simpler, cheaper, smarter, less wasteful, less toxic, and less resource-intense.

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On the Pirate Bay Verdict

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What Will Happen to the Music Industry?

by: Nancy Baym

Since MIDEM, I have been reflecting a lot on the future of the music industry. As I wrote below, as an outsider, I was discouraged by what seemed to be backwards thinking regarding what I see as the great opportunities of the era of the networked audience.

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Social Media Diary 27/2/2009 - UK National Museums

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Licensing Your Dissertation under Creative Commons

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A Presentation about Community, by the Community - The Finished Presentation

OK. So here is the finished presentation from my presentation crowdsourcing experiment (back story here) that I gave at yesterday's conference. In the end I had about 30 slides contributed. I've tried wherever possible to leave them in as original state as I could, but (perhaps inevitably) I've had to make the odd tweak, usually just to aid the flow of presentation, and ensure that the slides linked together reasonably cohesively.

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Messages From the Future

by: John Winsor

I've been hanging out here at the 4A's Account Planning conference in Miami. One of the presentations that was inspiring was from Mark Earls and Domenico Vitale. They allowed for a lot of co-creation in their session and started with this provocative video, above.

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Life's Like That: Part 2

by: Design Translator

So where was I? Ah yes.

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For a Nimbler, More Stable Alliance, Share Less

by: John Caddell

An article in the current Journal of Product Innovation Management starts out with this rather bland statement:

There is wide agreement in analyses of strategic alliances that, regardless of the purpose of the alliance, members of the partner organizations should engage in intensive mutual learning to make the alliance a success.

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