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Shareholder value or customer delight? Choose

It doesn’t work if you fill up the tank with petrol when your car runs on diesel.  It doesn’t work to turn up at a nightclub and expect to get peace-quiet.  It doesn’t work to drive down the wrong side of the road at a busy time when there are lots of cars on the road and expect no problems.  It doesn’t work to turn up in your bikini for work or to turn up with your business suit to sunbathe on the beach.  And almost all of us get that.

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TV Ads 'a Waste of Money' for the Back-in-Black Gap - Advertising Age - News

by: David Polinchock

I started to write about this article to focus on this the headline of this article TV Ads 'a Waste of Money' for the Back-in-Black Gap, 40% Jump in Profits Indicates Merchandising Initiatives Are Paying Off -- when I got to the bottom of the article where they had this to say:

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