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Jane McGonigal Slides At GDC 2011 - Serious Games Summit, Gamification Day

Serious Games giving players positive powers in real life
Jane's Quote:
"The opposite of play is not work, it's depression!"
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Angry Birds: 2010 Best Serious Game Award!

Guest Post by: Josselin Perrus

A frequent issue with serious games (games not designed with the sole intent of entertaining) is their failing at being fun. Angry Birds, that one wouldn’t think of as a serious game, successfully meets both challenges of being engaging and educational.

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Serious Games Uncover Principles for Designing RNA Molecules

Via: EteRNA - Played by Humans, Scored by Nature

Investigators at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University have launched an online Serious Game that challenges players to design new ways to fold RNA molecules.

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Predictions to Rock the Education World: Tablets as Serious Games

John W. Moravec (1), has recently posted his Five Predictions For 2011 That Will Rock The Education World to his Education Futures blog (find also my prior post iPad & Serious Games To Revolutionize The Way Students Access Core Curriculum).


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Muzzy Lane’s Marketing 101 Wins Serious Games Showcase & Challenge for Business

Muzzy Lane is the 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge winner for the business game category with Marketing 101 - The Principles of Marketing.
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The Inherent Value of Running Your Business like a Serious Game

The Serious Games Based Economy Unfolds

Early September, Fortune Tech reported that companies are realizing that the very same game-play mechanics used in games to hook gamers are an effective way to create business value and therefore are slowly wending their way into other parts of the economy.

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Serious Games Video Lectures By Daniel Floyd

Via: You Tube Kirithem’s Channel

Daniel Floyd is an aspiring character animator living near Athens, Georgia. He has recently finished his studies at Animation Mentor and looks forward to starting his animation career.

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Will Wright Keynote at GameTech 2010 Video

Via: Armed With Science - SimCity Designer Presents GameTech 2010 Keynote [VIDEO]
This year’s Defense GameTech Conference featured a keynote by Mr. Will Wright, designer of popular games like SimCity, SimEarth, and The Sims (find also my prior post GameTech Proceedings: Serious Games From Why To How).
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GameTech Proceedings: Serious Games from Why to How

Via: GameTech 2010 - Defense GameTech Users’ Conference Proceedings

Following my prior post Recall: Serious Games Disseminated Within DoD, we can now visit the proceedings page to view all of the GameTech 2010 presentations.

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Serious Games Get UPS Rookies Ready for the Road

UPS Integrad - Next-Generation Training Facility

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) realized that they needed to make an adjustment when their younger drivers began to need significantly more time to become proficient, and more of them were leaving the company during their initial training period.
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