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SEO Isn't Dead, It's Just Changing

The SEO industry is in an interesting place right now. Last year's Panda update to the Google algorithm used logic acquired from human quality testers as the backdrop to a new machine-learning algorithm that could assess the 'quality' of website content in a more sophisticated way.

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Guilt through Algorithmic Association

You’re a 16-year-old Muslim kid in America. Say your name is Mohammad Abdullah. Your schoolmates are convinced that you’re a terrorist. They keep typing in Google queries likes “is Mohammad Abdullah a terrorist?” and “Mohammad Abdullah al Qaeda."

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Apple, Google and the Strange Death of the Surfable Web

The recent skirmish between Apple and Google -- filled with legal inuendos, regulatory scuffles and high-profile departures -- has, if anything, crystallized for me what I had been thinking for the past six months: what we have been witnessing is nothing less than a battle for the future of the surfable Web. On one hand, we have Google, which favors the widest, broadest Web possible, so that its cash cow Google Search functionality remains the key to the discovery of all content on the unruly, unmanageable Web, filled with ripcurls and big waves.

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8 Tools for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

by: Yann Gourvennec

Managing one’s online reputation has become a must. It is absolutely unthinkable for anyone who wants to make a professional appointment to leave a photograph on one’s facebook profile in which he or she is holding a glass of champagne and assuming weird poses (and God knows I came across quite a few counter examples).

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Ask Is Still Searching

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Ask's latest branding campaign is intended to frighten or offend most of its potential customers. It does the job brilliantly.

The TV spots feature some nerdy guy with his chin resting on a pregnant woman’s shoulder, whether she’s walking down the street or laying in bed. He asks questions that she might predictably ask. The punchline is that will help you find the answers.

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Can Search Engines Turn into Prediction Engines? We Are Not Only Searching Online but Could Be Influencing the Real World

by: Idris Mootee

We all know how bad the real estate market is. Although the pace of the housing slow down is now decelerating, but there is no bottom in sight. And seasonally, we usually see an uptick in activity in Aug, as last minute closings take place before the new school year begins. No such bump happened in Aug 08, as sales slipped 2.2% for the month. Is this the bottom? Who has the answer?

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Why More Is Less - The Paradox of Choice

by: Gary Hayes

The LA Times just found me - interesting after only a few days of using Google’s customized front end I am starting to get really useful things thrust my way - useful this ’semi-personalization’ thing - it watches what I search and starts to suggest things I ‘may’ like.

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Search Evolving - Google Yahoo! Style

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Better than Google Search, Better than Ask Search

by: Scott Goodson

The quality of search engines will change and get better and more user friendly.

Here is one that I LOVE. Feels a little like the nav you get on Apple itunes. But it's very cool.

Check it out here.

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Social Networks Next Game

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