From Scarcity to Abundance, Part 2

I had a great conversation with Shaun Abrahamson from Mutopo today about the emergence of abundance. Shaun is a really interesting guy and it was so much fun to hang with him. Enjoy:

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Why Are Superbowl Ads Cheaper This Year?

It seems like everything I read about the reduction in price of Superbowl Ads blames the economy. But, could it be there is something bigger going on here? As we move from an economy based on scarcity (Superbowl ads are the very definition of a scarce commodity) to one based on abundance there other ways to have a more powerful and long lasting relationship at a reduced cost emerge.

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Selling with Scarcity

Ecommerce websites have a great opportunity to exploit the “scarcity effect,” primarily because they can often provide instantaneous feedback on inventory levels and, in a credible way, let customers know when products are scarce.

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Scarcity in Action

In a reply to my post, The Scarcity Effect, Neuromarketing reader Keith Monaghan pointed out how one bourbon marketing effort is employing scarcity to build its brand.


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The Scarcity Effect

The idea that scarce products are more appealing isn’t new. The latest iPhone MUST be good if hundreds of people are standing in line to snag one of the small number available at launch, right? Game console makers seem to have turned scarcity into an art, ensuring that when a new model is introduced the demand always exceeds the supply, fueling even more demand.

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