'Innovation Should Be Seen As a Tactic, Not A Business Strategy' According To Al Ries. This Man Is Confused.

by: Idris Mootee

The headline "Don’t Mistake Innovation For Strategy" posted by my friend Bruce Temkin (Forrester) on his blog Customer Experience Matters caught my attention. He was quoting Al Reis' article in Advertising Age with the title: Innovation Should Be Seen as a Tactic, Not a Business Strategy. Here are some excerpts from Ries:

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Phone quest, or Please be less creative

By: Marina Natanova

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Pitch Samsung your R&D Ideas

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 by: Jennifer Rice

The following phrase jumped out at me as I was reading the partial transcript of Peter Weedfald's keynote speech at Ad:Tech on FCNow (Peter is SVP of strategic marketing and new media for Samsung):

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