CX Journey™ Musings: Are You Sales-Centric or Customer-Centric?

There’s a difference? Yes, there is.

I’ve been involved in a few conversations lately where it was quite obvious that what these folks were talking about clearly described sales-driven and sales-centric organizations, but not all parties to the conversations agreed with my assessment of the situation.

How do you know when a company is sales-centric? These companies…

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People, Not Channels

If your sales team approached customers the way we communicators talk at our stakeholders, your company would go out of business.

The differences are shocking, and for years they’ve been evident in the different ways each department is treated:

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Sales Intuition: How to Use It and Improve It

Years ago, I read about the sales strategies employed by a remarkably successful car salesperson.

One of them was to never pre-judge customers

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Riding the "Buy-Cycle"

For many individuals and businesses the challenge of learning to “Ride the Buy-Cycle” is an ongoing battle of uncoordinated and often misguided baffle.

I use the analogy of "Riding the Buy-Cycle" to point out that its often not the Buying Cycle itself that should be the focus, it’s the way we choose to ride it that matters.

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The Dangers of Discounting

I’m concerned about the retail industry. Earlier this month, a Federal Reserve survey reported that retail sales had weakened in many areas because of winter storms. As retailers report their first quarter results over the next few weeks, I’m sure we’ll see the fallout from the bad weather. We’re already seeing the aggressive price promotions that retailers have bowed in order to make up for the losses. 

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why do tech start ups fail?

Why do so many tech start-ups fail?  What advice do entrepreneurs need to heed?  These and other topics are covered in an interview I conducted with Ian Andes, President of 4iiii Innovations.

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Marketing Lessons from Nigerian Scammers

As marketers, we spend a lot of time crafting our pitches – emails, sales letters, print ads, etc. – to make our products seem as desirable as possible. We strive for convincing copy that doesn’t raise suspicion in the mind of the reader, and seeks to quell any fears or objections. But, are there some situations where turning off some prospects can work to the marketer’s benefit? Microsoft researcher and cybercrime expert Cormac Herley says “yes.”

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What’s Your Addiction?

Brand as business bit:  A couple of sound bites connected for me recently.

In a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek piece entitled, “Has CNN’s All-News Strategy Become Old News?,” Alex Sherman writes about the cable networks’ reliance on “the story” to drive its audiences, unlike other networks that balance breaking news with opinions and personalities.  Phil Grffin, president of MSNBC, observed:

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Marketing Part of Sales or the Other Way Around?

The CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) has put the cat amongst the pigeons by suggesting that marketing should become part of sales. This has got Marketing Magazine all hot under the collar.

This has nothing to do with older consumers but I do know the guys at CIM and have taught courses for them for longer than I care to remember.

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Connect Emotionally to Boost Sales

Does your brand or business have an emotional connection with at least some of its customers? If so, that’s a very good thing. A new study of retail chains showed that while just one in five consumers felt they had an emotional connection to a retailer, those that did were far more valuable as customers and as brand evangelists.

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