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The Importance of Setting — And Understanding — Customer Expectations

A while back I wrote about how understanding customers’ expectations and how well those expectations are met are among the most important things marketers can know.

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Channel Preferences Don't Matter

eMarketing and Commerce reported on a Habeas study which found that:

67% of consumers prefer email as a communications channel over other online vehicles, and 65% believe this will continue to be the case in five years.”

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Net Promoter Score: The Barack Obama of the Management World

The Net Promoter Score is the Barack Obama of the management world.

I’ll explain: According to what I’ve read, Barack Obama has received a free pass in the press. So does NPS.

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Re-Rethinking the User Experience

If I ran a bank that had a Customer Experience department, the first thing I would do is fire everybody in the department (I would, however, keep all the Web site designers).

Here’s what spurred that comment: Adweek recently ran an article title Rethinking The User Experience, in which the author writes:

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What Are Consumers Really Doing When They Research Financial Products Online?

Forrester Research found that across a range of eight financial products, at one end, 59% of consumers researched their choice of credit cards online, while at the other end, 34% researched their life insurance decision online. Even at the low end, that’s a pretty healthy percentage of customers.

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Why Developing Customer Relationships Is So Hard

The Harvard Business Review recently interviewed psychologist John Gottman, the executive director of the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle. Although Gottman’s work focuses mostly on interpersonal relationship (in contrast to business-customer relationships), many of his comments are pertinent to marketers. According to Gottman:

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Looking for Love (Loyalty) in All the Wrong Places (Customers)

Economist Umair Hague makes an interesting point — and raises some interesting questions — about customer and brand loyalty on his blog:

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Customer Engagement Is Measurable

In a recent post, Avinash claims that engagement is not a metric, and writes:

Engagement is not a metric that anyone understands and even when used it rarely drives the action/improvement on the website….It is nearly impossible to define engagement in a standard way that can be applied across the board.”

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The ROI on Brand Versus the Value of Brand

I had an email exchange recently with a friend who raised some excellent questions and views on the topic of branding that I thought I’d share here (with permission, but anonymously):

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On Customer-Centricity

Is your company customer-centric?

No? Join the club. According to 317 surveys released this week alone, anywhere from 97 to 98% of executives polled said their firms weren’t customer-centric (the other 2-3% didn’t understand the question).

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