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B2B Branding - Why Branding Matters in B2B Marketing

by: Jon Miller

Strewn around my house are pens, coffee cups, calculators, USB memory sticks, and assorted swag from various companies I've met over the years. What is the purpose of all this stuff? Does having a leather portfolio with a vendor's logo on it make me more likely to buy their products?

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The Seven Tips for Agency Survival

by: Alain Thys

If advertising is so effective, why are CNN, airport billboards and business magazines free from ads in which agencies promote themselves to business audiences?  I always ask this question "tongue in cheek", but lately the cheekiness is waning.  Ad-effectiveness is plummeting all-round and both brand owners and consumers are nearing the point where indifference turns into annoyance.

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ROI of Second Life

By: Ilya Vedrashko

Posted a few thoughts about the value of participating in Second Life and similar worlds over at HHCC blog along with some slides from recent presentations. Two sidenotes: 1) Huge thanks to FutureLab and MITX for having me speak; 2) Slideshare rocks.

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Irrational Investing, Rational Marketing

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Right Now Measuring Cost of The Pig Not Whether Hotdog Tastes Good

by: Lynette Webb

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ROI of Blogging

by: Karl Long

Dennis Howlett, a business blogger (with a focus on IT and Finance) writes an interesting post about the conundrum of ROI for corporate bloggers.

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Measuring the ROI of Social Networking for Business

by: Joseph Mann

Social networking sites like Friendster and Yahoo 360 are all the rage, but is there a business application lurking in there?

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